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The Small Team’s Guide to Making an Actually Useful Content Plan

This is a long one; estimated read time is around 13 minutes. If you’d like to save it to read later, you can download it as a PDF. Content strategy might be the most widely misunderstood concept in marketing. In a lot of small businesses, it looks something like this: Post 1 blog per month

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Are You Distributing Content the Right Way or the Boring Way?

Content distribution is not the same as link distribution. To bring the audience to your amazing content, share the value of that content in small slices that leave them wanting more. Imagine hosting a party. The centerpiece of the celebration: a cake. Not just any cake – an amazing cake. You poured your time, effort,

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3 (OK, 4) Ways to Never Struggle for Content Ideas Again

I’ve got 99 problems, but coming up with content ideas ain’t one. Jealous? Don’t be. Read on and I’ll give you 3 ways you can turn on a waterfall of ideas that help you, your in-house creators, or your outsourced content team build on your pillar topics. Pillar what now? OK, let’s start there. If

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Content Distribution: How to Get the Right Eyes on Your Best Content

If a blog posts to the Internet and no one reads it, does it make an impact? This is a lot easier to answer than the whole “tree in the forest” thing. The answer is no, no it does not. Content marketing has two equally important and inextricable requirements: good, high-value content and targeted distribution.

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Is Your Thought Leadership Content Really Thought Leadership?

Everyone wants to be a thought leader these days. Every business owner, CEO, SME – it’s the height of content fashion. The more popular it is to pursue thought leadership, somehow, the harder it is to define it. There’s a lot of educational content with a CEO’s name on it that calls itself thought leadership.

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Your Audience’s Self-Image is Key to How Your Message Hits

If you want to eat healthier, exercise first thing in the morning. Mornings are a pretty crucial time when it comes to achieving your goals. There’s a whole movement around the idea that you can change the world just by making your bed at the start of the day. That’s because the morning is the

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The Social Media Game That Will Make You a Better Writer

“Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.” That was how Anton Chekhov advised writers to “show, don’t tell.” It’s a beautiful line. Powerful. Does exactly what it says. But then – that’s Chekhov. It’s a pretty high bar. To a lot of nonwriters, “show, don’t tell”

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3 Tools To Make Running Your Freelance Business So Much Easier

There are a million things to keep track of when you’re running a freelance business. And just one you. It’s hard to wear all the hats – to be the accounting office, the marketing department, the customer service line, and the janitor while still doing the thing your business actually exists to do. I know.

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Why You Shouldn’t Base Your Brand Voice on What Works for Wendy’s

Want to scare your marketer or copywriter in just six words? Repeat after me: “I want to sound like Wendy’s.” *Cue head banging on desk* No, sugar. No, you don’t. This is not a slam against Wendy’s. They are indisputably the brand master of Twitter, which is exactly why they give marketers such a headache.

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