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How to Write a Great Elevator Pitch

It was a pretty standard networking event, and I was giving my standard elevator pitch. “I build businesses quick-start content plans — a sort of minimum viable plan so they can do content marketing within their resources.” Usually this elicits nods. This time, it elicited a question. “So what exactly does that look like?” You’ve

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Competitive Marketing Analysis: Stand Out By Saying What No One Else Talks About

For your company to get noticed by potential buyers, you have to play up what makes you unique. But unless you listen to what competitors say, you risk trying to pass off the same old thing as your point of differentiation. Imagine getting quotes on windows for your house. You have a stack of manufacturer

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Content Marketing, Simplified: The Brand Story [VIDEO]

In this wide-ranging interview, Dana Herra and Steve Gilman of The Gravity Group talk all things content – misperceptions, pitfalls, and why brand voice matters more than you think.

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Is ‘Start With Why’ a Good Marketing Strategy? (Was It Ever?)

It’s been more than a decade since Simon Sinek inspired us all to “start with why.” Today, those three words are the cornerstone of many a marketing mantra. The question is – should they be? “Start with why” is a great tagline. It’s short, catchy, and broad enough to apply to far more scenarios than

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