copywriting and content marketing by Dana Herra

Make your brand memorable.

First we’ll find your superpower. then we’ll light it up with messaging impossible to ignore.

In a world full of apples, it pays to be an orange. I help small and medium businesses uncover their unique point of view and turn it into a marketing superpower.

i help your business:

Build a website that turns browsers into buyers


Copywriting is the delicate blend of art and science that makes customers reach for their wallets. No need to bring out the hard sell; when the right people see the right copy, they want to work with you.

Be the standout name in your niche


Build your brand’s reputation and search engine rankings with high-quality long-form content. White papers, case studies, SEO blog posts, bylined articles – share your knowledge with the world and look fabulous doing it. Take advantage of the research and writing skills sharpened by my decade as an award-winning journalist to make your brand shine.

Map a clear direction for maximum impact


Most small marketing teams are overwhelmed by execution. They move through a huge list of things to do without a clear understanding of why they do these things or what impact they’re having. I help you map your strategy, clean up and organize your marketing to-do list, and eliminate what’s not working so you can focus on being amazing.


dana herra client

“Dana is my go-to freelance communications professional. A gifted interviewer, strategist, writer, and storyteller, she’s the best there is.”

Angela Johansson, NIU Foundation

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