Quick Start Content.

A no-fuss content plan you can actually stick with.

“Dana’s the best there is. A gifted interviewer, strategist, writer, and storyteller. She’s my go-to content professional.”

Angela Johansson, NIU Foundation

Some of the cool companies I’ve helped in the past year:

Your audience needs you (they just can’t find you)

The easier it gets for brands to make content, the harder it is
for your business to stand out.

Email, social, SEO – every channel is flooded with lame content. And AI generators are just making it worse.

Your audience is sick of flat, meaningless messages. You need a strategy to show them you’re different.

You need to grab their attention and show them you’re the helpful expert with the solutions they want.

(That’s where I come in.)

Say goodbye to “oh-crap-it’s-time-to-post” anxiety

Get an easy-to-follow Quick Start Content Plan

With your custom strategy, everyone on your team knows

  • what to say,
  • when to post,
  • what channel to use, and
  • how the message should sound.

Quarterly metrics help refine the plan over time.

Best of all, your custom plan is tailored to fit into the time you have available – whether that’s a few hours a day or one day a month.

“Give Dana a ring if you’re looking to develop clear messaging and thoughtful content.

She‘s a great researcher who knows how to take my ramblings and put structure around them. And she’s an awesome person to work with.”

Lauren Balik,
Upright Analytics

It’s not just what you say – it’s how you say it

Strategic, research-backed copywriting techniques all dressed up in your unique brand voice

So visitors to your website think,

“Wow,” … “You really get me,” … “OH MY GOD GET OUT OF MY HEAD,”

… until buying from you feels like a no-brainer.

“Dana took a big-picture view of what content would be most interesting and useful to our clientele.

Her work was well-researched, eloquent, and spiffy, and she positioned our product without sounding ‘salesy.'”

Angie Andriot,
Vetiver Aromatics


Hi there, I’m Dana

Award-Winning Writer Turned Content Marketer. Helping Scrappy Marketing Teams Cut Through the Noise.

After almost a decade in the content marketing space, I know how hard it is to plan, execute, measure, and justify content.

When you’re buried in the day-to-day, there’s no time to step back and think strategically.

AI was supposed to help, but it’s just ramped up the pressure to pump out more content – making it even harder to stand out.

I founded my business on my award-winning writing experience. But great content alone is not enough anymore.

Your content has to be unique, on-brand, and strategically designed to move your business forward.

I build scalable, repeatable processes so you can put out content that makes an impact – for your customers and your company.

Let’s talk about getting more impact from your content – with a lot less effort.

Click the button to book your free, 30-minute, don’t-worry-I-swear-I-won’t-hard-pitch-you consultation. If we can work together, great. If I can’t help you, I’ll tell you so. You’ve got nothing to lose.