Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Random acts of content are burning you out.

Get a plan to eliminate overwhelm and market with intent.

Small marketing teams are masters of multitasking. There are only so many hours in a day, and for a busy marketer, every slot is filled. Even lunch is eaten over a keyboard while catching up on email.

When you’re trapped in an execution cycle, strategy gets left behind. You start to lose track of why you’re doing these things and whether they’re driving toward goals.

I’m that outside perspective helping you tune out the distractions and zoom in on the activities that keep the wheels turning.


Clarify your goals and map a route to get there

What do you want, and what are you doing to get it? Energize yourself and your team with fresh clarity on why you show up every day.

I’ll analyze your brand distinction and your competitors’ content to help you pick a position in the market that naturally fits your brand’s unique personality.

We’ll draw a new map that eliminates all the time-wasting detours you’re taking now so you can focus your energy on the activities that matter.

Consistently publish high-quality content

From being your go-to blogger to building your content calendar, let me take on the content marketing tasks your busy team doesn’t have time for. Schedule a call to talk about which services would have the most significant impact on your marketing.


  • Craft high-quality blog posts, articles, and white papers
  • Recommend improvements to your existing content
  • Refresh and repurpose your old content
  • Edit content written in-house or by freelancers


  • Analyze gaps in existing content
  • Consult on content strategy
  • Build multichannel editorial calendars
  • Conduct or coordinate audience research
  • Conduct or coordinate keyword research
  • Manage freelancers to bring in projects on time and up to quality standards

SEO Web Copy Audit

Find out how to make the text on your website more engaging, more persuasive, and more SEO friendly

I’ll review the text on your site using best practices in conversion-focused website copywriting. You’ll get a recorded video walkthrough of your site, as well as a written report of recommendations to make your website copy stronger. Request a quote today!


“Dana works magic. She’s a real professional and a joy to work with.”

Gerri Knilans, Trade Press Services