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Why You Shouldn’t Base Your Brand Voice on What Works for Wendy’s

Want to scare your marketer or copywriter in just six words? Repeat after me: “I want to sound like Wendy’s.” *Cue head banging on desk* No, sugar. No, you don’t. This is not a slam against Wendy’s. They are indisputably the brand master of Twitter, which is exactly why they give marketers such a headache.

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Using the 80/20 rule for more effective social media marketing

If you don’t handle it right, “social media marketing” is almost an oxymoron. After all, “marketing” is about exposing people to a product you hope they will buy. “Social media” is supposed to be, well, social.

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How to create effective content (you don’t hate to make)

Marketing is hard when you hate making content. It can also be hard when you love making content. Whether it’s a joy or a chore, if your content isn’t attracting the right attention, it’s not doing its job. There’s a formula to figure out if a piece will be worth the effort.

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