Check ‘content marketing’ off your to-do list

Even if you don’t have time to manage content

content marketing by Dana Herra
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Small marketing teams are masters of multitasking. There are only so many hours in a day, and for a busy marketer, every slot is filled. Even lunch is eaten over a keyboard while catching up on email.

When the team is stretched thin, content gets pushed to the back burner. There always seems to be something more urgent to do.

I know because I’ve been there. I spent six years as an in-house marketing director. I know the ambitious excitement of writing “content strategy” in a marketing plan and the frustration of ending the day with “blog post” unchecked on the to-do list.


Let go of content management without losing your content marketing

I know how hard you work and how many tasks you have to juggle. Of course you don’t have time to plan, execute, distribute, and measure content.

I also know how powerful a content strategy can be. I built a content program that grew one company’s website visits by more than 300% in one year. After 12 months, a company that had never ranked for anything besides its own name was on page one of Google results for multiple keywords.

When you want to pursue content marketing but you can’t hire an in-house manager, freelance content management is the perfect middle ground.

dana herra client

“Dana did a great job capturing the true spirit of how I run my business. Good friends said even they learned new things about me and my work.”


Free up your schedule

From being your go-to blogger to building your content calendar, let us take on the tasks your busy team doesn’t have time for. Schedule a call to talk about which services would have the biggest impact on your marketing.

content creation

  • Recommend improvements to existing content
  • Refresh and repurpose old content
  • Write blogs
  • Write case studies
  • Ghostwrite articles under your byline
  • Write branded posts for social media campaigns
  • Edit content written in-house or by freelancers


  • Analyze gaps in content
  • Consult on content strategy
  • Build multichannel editorial calendars
  • Conduct or coordinate audience research
  • Conduct or coordinate keyword research
  • Manage freelancers to bring in projects on time and up to quality standards
  • Analyze content performance

Schedule a no-obligation call to see if we can help you manage your content.

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