Website and Blog Audits

Website and Blog Audits

Get more impact from the content you write.

Take the website or blog you wrote yourself to the next level.

You feel pretty confident in the copy you wrote for yourself – right?

Budgets are tight and you’re a pretty good writer, so you felt good about writing your own website and blog content. It’s not Shakespeare, but it gets the point across.

(Besides, it’s the 21st century. No one talk-eth like Shakespeare anymore.)

Maybe one day you’ll hire a writer but for now, the copy you wrote is fine.

You think.


Wouldn’t you like to be sure?

It’s really hard to write (well) about your own business.

Here’s the thing about writing your own copy: You can’t read the label from inside the jar.

You’re simply too close to your own business to have an objective perspective. Even people who write for a living tend to have blind spots when they’re writing about themselves.

You’re so familiar with what you want to say you miss what your audience needs to hear. It’s the curse of knowledge: assuming other people understand your topic well enough to know what you’re talking about. Something that’s crystal-clear in your own mind might be a big ol’ hazy ball of “huh?” to your intended audience.

An audit finds the things you missed and tells you how to fix them.

In a website copy or blog audit, I review what you’ve written. Then I tap into more than a decade of professional editing and marketing experience to offer clear, actionable suggestions you can use to make it better.

Unlike the suggestions you might get from your sister or your best friend, my writing recommendations are rooted in marketing best practices, not in what I think sounds good.

“The audit really helped me simplify my writing and strategy. I find writing is a lot easier now. Dana gave me great feedback to help fine-tune my website copy and branding. She provided helpful marketing techniques and was a pleasure to work with.”

Kevin shirton, careernest coaching

Your writing. Just better.

Audits are for professionals who feel comfortable writing their own copy or content – they just want some reassurance they’re on the right track. I won’t rewrite your content, I’ll just point out where it’s weak and suggest things you can change to make it strong.

What’s in an audit?

Before we start, we’ll have a kickoff call so you can tell me about your business, your audience, and your goals. I’ll review your content with those things in mind and suggest ways to improve business outcomes – not just ways to sound pretty.

After my review, you receive my suggestions in two formats:

  • A written document (Google Doc or PDF) and
  • An over-the-shoulder video walkthrough, where you watch as I look at each piece on my screen and talk about how to make it stronger

Prices start at $300 for up to 3 web pages or blog posts.

After a website or blog audit:

  • You’ll pick up powerful writing tips (and be alerted to your bad habits)
  • Your website will deliver a stronger, more targeted message
  • Your blog posts will make a more compelling argument
  • Your visitors will be primed for conversion
  • You’ll gain new confidence in your copy
  • Your mother will start introducing you as “the writer in the family”

And it all starts by clicking that glowing orange button below for that first, no-obligation call. Click it now.


“Dana works magic. She’s a real professional and a joy to work with.”

Gerri Knilans, Trade Press Services