Content Guides

Content Guides

The frustration-free framework to content marketing

An efficient, scalable way to publish high-impact content.

Imagine if you had…

…a content marketing plan with an endless supply of topics and formats your audience can’t get enough of.

…an easy-to-update system to amplify your content’s impact by distributing and repurposing it across channels

…and a foolproof way to guide writers in saying exactly what you would say exactly how you would say it (so content comes through in your voice even if you’re not the one writing it).

For a lot of overloaded professionals, this sounds like sci-fi.

Maybe you spend hours second-guessing your content topics. Or worse, staring at a blank cursor and wondering what to write about at all.

Maybe you struggle to keep track of what you’ve written and where it’s published. Never mind figuring out how and where to repurpose it.

Maybe you’re way too busy to keep writing everything, but you can’t take content off your plate. No one else ever gets it right, so if you delegate, you end up rewriting pieces anyway.

But how can you grow your business if content management keeps eating up your time?

More impact. Less effort.

Growing a business is all about efficiency – getting the biggest bang possible out of the smallest spark.

A content guide is the framework that makes sure every piece of content pulls its weight. It combines elements of a content strategy, a brand voice guide, and an operations manual into a single, efficient tool.

(OK, so maybe it sounds a little sci-fi after all.)

“But I don’t have time to build a content guide.”

Wrong. What you don’t have time for is pumping out random content without clear goals, starting from scratch every time you make something new, or rewriting content you paid someone for because it just doesn’t sound right.

Investing time in a content guide up front ensures you’ll have a repeatable framework for creating, repurposing, and delegating content forever.

“I don’t need a content plan. I know what to create.”

That’s awesome. But if your entire content strategy lives in your head, you will never be able to pass the reins to someone else. That means you’ll never be able to focus your attention on bigger things. Which means your business can’t grow.

A content guide clearly lays out your company’s values and goals, your customers’ pain points and motivations, and how you position yourself in the market. It also contains processes and frameworks for producing and distributing high-impact, on-brand content.

Documenting all this information in a single place lets new team members hit the ground running like a cheetah on a caffeine buzz.

“I can’t delegate content creation. My voice is too unique.”

No matter how unique your voice may be, it can be replicated.

Because voice can be measured.

Your content guide will analyze your unique voice and break it down into three measurable elements. Once a good writer has been trained to match your word choice, your tone, and your cadence, they can mimic you with spooky accuracy.

It’s like cloning yourself, then leaving your clone to write the blog posts while you take care of bigger issues.

Your guide will also have a voice scorecard you can use to pinpoint just where a writer missed the mark. Your writers will be overjoyed to get back specific, targeted feedback they can use to improve instead of the very unhelpful “this just doesn’t sound like me.”

How We Build Your Content Guide

Building your content guide involves a brief series of calls so I can learn about you, your business, and your content. (The actual number of calls will vary depending on how much information you already have and how much we build together.)

With this information, I’ll craft a document to guide all your content creation efforts from here on out.

Your content guide is delivered as a humble Google Doc. Why? Because your company will keep growing and evolving and your guide needs to grow with you! I chose a shareable format you can easily update (without having to hire me to come back and do it for you). Add elements, change links, tweak terms – your content guide is a living document that should adapt to serve you for years.

Lite Guide

✅ Your Vision, Mission, Values
✅ Your Target Audience
✅ Your Brand Differentiator
✅ Content Plan: objectives, pillar topics, brainstorming process
✅ Distribution Channels
✅ Light Voice Analysis
✅ Light Style Guide


Classic Guide

✅ Your Vision, Mission, Values
✅ Your Target Audience
✅ 3-5 Customer Interviews
✅ Your Brand Differentiator
✅ Content Plan: objectives, pillar topics, brainstorming process
✅ 3-Month Content Calendar
✅ Distribution Channels
✅ Google Sheet Matrix to track content distribution and repurposing
✅ Brand Personality
✅ Voice Analysis + Measurement Tools
✅ Style Guide + Lexicon
✅ Content Checklist


Supreme Guide

✅ Everything in the Classic Guide
✅ Content Brief Template
✅ Company History + Leader Bios so writers keep their facts straight
✅ Signature Products – how you talk about your work
✅ Brand Comparisons – side-by-side comparisons of how your voice differs from a competitor’s
✅ Voice Changes by Channel
✅ Content Creation Workflow
✅ Up to 5 Content Templates (email, blog, landing page, etc.)
✅ Scorecard to measure how close writers came to your voice and give actionable feedback on where they fell short


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Due to NDAs, IP protection, and specific processes, I cannot email sample guides. Lots of people want to copy this. But like wiring your house based on a YouTube video, without a proper understanding of the underlying fundamentals, things can blow up.


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